What are keywords?

Keywords are search queries, consisting of words or phrases, that are entered into the search engine’s search field. They define what a page is about. 

Short and Long tail keywords

Keywords can consist of a single word, short tail keywords, or multiple words, long tail keywords. Long tail keywords tend to be less competative. Using more words in the search fields make for useful keywords that are more specific. In contrast, short tail keywords are often very competative with high search volumes.

Why are useful keywords important?

Getting found on good keywords will increase traffic to a website significantly and potentially, an increase in conversions. Since the primary focus for an online marketeer is getting found on internet, this should be one of his most important tasks. 

useful keywords

How to find the right keywords.

There are many ways to find good keywords, some are free and some arn’t. One can use the search engine itself to find them. Other tools include SEMrush and Ahrefs (both paid). To find out more about keywords, please click here


Create an account with Google AdWords and get a free keyword research tool called “Keyword Planner“. This tool  can help you find strong keywords. Although to access, credit card details are required, you dont need to pay anything to use it!