What are infographics?

Infographics are a combination of content and graphic design, with the intent to transform complex information into something visual that is easy to understand. 

Increase interaction

Because they are visaully pleasing, they grab the readers attention and often make for a fun and educational experience. Many infographics engage with the audience by including charts, tables, quizzes or puzzles which increases interaction. 

Ideal for sharing

An effective infographic conveys a lot of data, in a relatively small format. This is why, they are ideal for sharing on social media, thus often sharing options are included. 

what are infographics Infographic

Taking it viral

An image says more than a thousand words. A strong infographic can have a huge impact in a relatively small amount of space. Due to this small format to impact ratio, they make for the perfect medium to go viral. Good marketeers are aware of this, and therefore almost always include them into their online marketing strategy.