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Using headers is important for SEO and content writing

Using headers in your articles

Let’s use headers!

Writing great website content on a frequent basis is a must for companies that want to succeed online. The content should be useful and informative, making your website more valuable and relevant than other sites. At least as important is the structure of your articles. Making sure you are using headers in your articles makes your content look good and increase user experience, which is good for SEO.

Writing great website content on a frequent basis is a must for companies that want to succeed online. It will stimulate people to return to your website, simply because people appreciate the value that is absorbed easily. Original articles, customer reviews and testimonials, practical links all will enhance the credibility of your website. But failing to include the correct structure, will result in a crowd not reading your content.

Headers as anchor points

Readers tend to read headers and sub headers more carefully, using them as a preview to determine what the text is about. Besides making the articles layout visually attractive and easy to navigate through, headers add an comprehending element of guidance to it, and place the mindset of the reader in the right direction. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of headers, as they are an effective tool when used in the right way.

Get back on track

When the reader is lost in the article, the header can also get him back on track, when he looks back to find relevant information. After reading a large piece of text, headers provide the reader with a breather and help him get into the next paragraph.


The main goals behind headers is to be informative and content orientated. Some articles tend to use headers to tease the audience with the aim to seduce the reader to read on. As you may get away with this once, doing this too often, will give the reader the feeling he is cheated on because this will lead him in the wrong direction. Therefore, use headers that are closely related to the content in the paragraph.

Headers and SEO

Headers also impact SEO. Due the fact that readers use them to figure out what the text is about, therefore Google will do the same. And if you really want to impress the search engines, add keywords to your headers. However, be careful not to overuse keywords because this will lead to over-optimizing your article. In this case, this will have a negative impact on SEO performance.

How to use

When headers are used by programmers, they often show up as <H1> or <H2> etc in HTML text. The H1 tag is used as title tag for the page and should only be used once. Other header tags can be used more often as long as it makes sense. There is a hierarchical structure in place once you begin using them. Before you use a H4 tag, you should have already used the H3 one. However, you can go back to a H3 tag after using H4. So, the title of the article gets a H1 tag, it would be logical to give headers the H2 tag, and sub headers the H3 tag.

That’s the basics!

So, that’s what you need to know to get you started. I hope I explained clearly why using headers is a must in your articles. Start implementing these into your blogs and pages! You will see the instant benefit by doing so!

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