My Mission

From early on, I have been fascinated how the internet connects people and enables new business and social opportunities. The innovative technology brings endless possibilities to our day to day life. This is what caught my interest in this industry. In this spider web all small elements are intertwined and working smoothly, making its synergy potential endless for small companies as well as big corporations. This is the business I want to be in! Here, development and innovation go hand in hand and are the drivers to continuous improvement and inevitable success!

Having years of deep knowledge and experience in this field, I see myself as a stimulator of this phenomenon. It is my goal to help your online projects become well known and successful!

My way of staying informed and bring ingenious ideas to my clients, is to dive into the search engines. I check the latest on how people in this industry cope with challenges and find solutions for them.

Anthony Knaape SEO & Online marketing consultant

This is what gives me inspiration and helps always to stay up to date with the latest news. Whenever I discover something that is worth sharing, I write about and place it on my website under the news section. Please check it out here!

What I do outside of my work

Although my work takes up a big part of my day, there are still a lot of things I do in my free time. One thing I like to do most, is staying in shape. I try to go to the gym at least three times per week. Besides staying fit, it’s also a good way to socialize with other people. Another big hobby of mine is photography. I like to capture landscapes, portraits and glamourous street shots. Yet another thing I am good at and which is relaxing me is cooking. Being a graduate of the Hotel school in Amsterdam, I love treating my family and friends with delicious meals and healthy treats.