Why you need a strong SEO strategy

Getting your website online is the first step. Your next step is to get as many visitors on your site who you are intending to reach out to. This is where the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts. The science behind optimizing your website for search engine performance is called SEO. Of course, a website must be visually pleasing to look at, but all this has little value if your website does not get seen by people who you want to see it. In achieving a strong SEO performance, a strategy consisting of keyword targeting and link building is indispensable.

Pit Falls

To reach your target audience, fundamental knowledge on SEO tactics and strategies is essential. Rapid changes on this topic requires constant analysis, diagnose and immediate reaction. Tools that at first seem very useful can fast become overwhelming and chances are you will find yourself lost before you know it. Not being able to efficiently conquer these skills, you will find your website snowed under by all the many other websites who are struggling with these same issues. Here, SEO strategies come in to help and direct you on the right track!

Factors that come into play with SEO shown in a diagram where SEO in the center and arrows are pointing out to all the factors of influence.


There are many strategies you can implement to get a better SEO score. Performing well, means getting more visitors to your website through search engines (Google). There are many benefits to mention with good SEO, such as:

  • More traffic, more visitors to your website who found you in search engines.
  • A higher ranking in search engines improves brand value and prestige.
  • People who visit your site are more likely to convert into a purchase, because of the specific search they made that lead them to your website.


To help you perform better there are many tactics and tools available which are relatively simple to implement. Improving your online business is often the result of being visible and indexable to search engines. Enabling these tools in your day-to-day operations can give you the edge when people are looking for your services online. As a result, making you a stronger player on the internet.

Analyze your SEO by using tools on a regular basis

Achieving Your Goals

To help you with this, I can offer you many tactics and strategies that will help you get your website ranked significantly higher in searches relevant to your industry, probably even in the top, thus exposing your content to many more potential visitors! I will analyse your current SEO performance and create a clear plan to bring meaningful changes to your SEO tools, helping to engineer a link architecture that strategically favours some of your pages over others. Meaning, making your site more attractive for search engines.

Social Media

Ranking high in search engines doesn’t only depend on your website. Off-site activities also contribute to traffic visiting to your website. Social media can play an important role in SEO. A strong engagement on social media with your followers can lead to great overall improvements in online sales. Companies who post often and show good content, engage with their audience effectively resulting in a strong click through rate (CTR). Therefore, a good social media plan is a must!

Content Marketing

A very effective tool to build your online reputation is through a content strategy. Well written, quality articles will generate links and shares on social media platforms. I offer a strategy that will enable you to create this content, therefore will help bringing more traffic to your website.